Benedict Cumberbatch and Adam Scott Join BLACK MASS Opposite Johnny Depp

By Amirose Eisenbach May 22, 2014

Johnny Depp is finally hanging up his colorful costumes and excessive makeup to return to some dramatic roles again. The type of roles that first won over the hearts and respect of audiences everywhere. We've seen Depp star in gangster flicks like the incredible "Donnie Brasco" and "Public Enemies" and now he is about to star in a project about one of the most notorious gangsters in history.

Titled " Black Mass", the film is currently in production and Depp is set to play the infamous Whitey Bulger. It has now just been announced that two new cast members have joined. According to reports, Benedict Cumberbatch is now attached to play Depp’s brother Billy Bulger and "Parks and Rec" star Adam Scott is now playing FBI Agent Robert Fitzpatrick.

"Black Mass" tells the story of the infamous Bulger, an Irish street punk in Boston with a penchant for rape and robbery, who spent much of his early life incarcerated. When released from Alcatraz, Whitey returned to his thug lifestyle and rose to power in organized crime by using his FBI informant status to bring down the Italian mafia in New England.

Adding Cumerbatch to any project is never a mistake and this sounds like a good change of pace for Scott. Depp is certainly a chameleon and will no doubt crush it as Bulger.

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