Emma Stone Hints at Gwen Stacy's Future in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Franchise

By Amirose Eisenbach June 2, 2014

Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" opened this past weekend to an impressive $92 million. Many pivotal events occurred to the main players including the webbed-superhero himself (Andrew Garfield), his love interest Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), Electro ( Jamie Foxx), Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and many more. Now a couple new plot details have been eluded to by one of the key members of the cast, which would effect the upcoming installments.

**Warning, the below contains big plot spoilers. Proceed at your own risk**

The sequel showed Peter's brilliant love interest, Gwen, tragically dying after he was unable to save her during his battle with the Green Goblin. But is this the end of the character in the franchise? According to Stone, not necessarily.

When asked in an interview if it would be her last time working with all the cast, after her tragic death scene, Stone stated, "There could be a—I don’t know, there’s a whole plotline that could happen that may bring her back."

In the comics, Gwen was brought back to life in numerous incarnations. Once was as a clone by the mad scientist Miles Warren, known as The Jackal. We all remember the Clone Saga when there were several clones made, one of Spider-man as well.

In the ultimate Spider-Man material, Gwen returns as a humanoid disguised as the Ultimate Carnage. Carnage is one of the most beloved enemies of Spider-Man and also has another alter-ego as a deranged serial killer, Cletus Kasady. If Stone did morph into the villainous creature, that would certainly be a shock and quite the departure from anything we've ever seen her do thus far.

Stone's words were cryptic but full of hope. We know the Spider-Man universe is expanding, so it would make sense to introduce a very iconic, twisted version of Gwen.

Do you think we'll see Gwen return in some form in a future film? Let us know in the comments section below!

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