By Amirose Eisenbach May 15, 2014

A brand new trailer has been released for Michael Bay's "Transformers: Age of Extinction". It mixes some footage we haven't seen before with some images that have already excited us. Optimus Prime riding into battle on Grimlock is one such image that made fanboys go wild with joy.

The trailer gives us a much better look at the role Stanley Tucci will play and some more images of the big battle brewing between the many different varieties of transformers that we're going to get in this one, Dinobots included.

While many were skeptical when a fourth film in the franchise was announced, they have definitely done a good job thus far at distinguishing it from the trilogy. It feels like a new chapter and a different story, building on the folklore they already set up. Mark Wahlberg can indeed carry a movie, so perhaps this film has a good chance of being solid despite initial concern and the last disappointing film. The trailer was indeed exciting, mixed with a bit of cheese, the way Bay does best.

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"Transformers: Age of Extinction" will hit AMC Theatres on July 27th

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