New Plot Details Revealed for JURASSIC WORLD?

By Amirose Eisenbach May 20, 2014

We've known little about the plot for the upcoming "Jurassic World" up to this point. Colin Trevorrow is directing this one, which stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson. Now, some new potential plot details have surfaced but we aren't sure if these should be tossed to the rumor mill yet or if they could be substantiated.

According to reports, "They splice together a T-Rex, raptor, snake, and cuttlefish to create a monstrous new dino that, of course, gets loose and terrorizes the park. Nothing like a little greed and human arrogance to ruin a good thing, right?"

They also discuss Dino-on-Dino combat and other interesting tidbits that may excite some fans and man discourage others:

"According to our source, there will be lots of Dino on Dino fighting, as some of the Dinos are "good guys" that are trained by Chris Pratt's character. The raptors and T-Rex are among the "trained" good dinosaurs. The big bad dinosaur has instant camouflage abilities, like the cuttlefish, so he blends into the background, is smart like the velociraptor, uses his jaw like a snake, and can terrorize like the T-Rex. Does this mean the new dino will be the ONLY "bad" one? Or will there be more than one? Unconfirmed, but it will be the catalyst that kicks off the peril."

Personally, I adored Trevorrow's "Safety Not Guaranteed", love me some Pratt and feel like a giggling school girl when I see badass Dinos on the big-screen, in all their prehistoric glory. While a good plot would be lovely, I believe the aforementioned elements will create an exceptionally fun film-going experience, so I'm just going to ride this one out and keep my excitement intact.

If the details are true, are you a fan? Let us know in the comments section below!

"Jurassic World" will hit AMC Theatres in Summer 2015

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