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Djimon Hounsou Joins TARZAN Opposite Alexander Skarsgard

June 5, 2014
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Djimon Hounsou is venturing into the jungle alongside Alexander Skarsgard in "Tarzan". Hounsou is set to play Chief Mbonga and it isn't clear yet if he will be a friend or foe of the King of the Jungle.

The Warner Bros. property and David Yates-helmed film also stars Margot Robbie ("The Wolf of Wall Street") as Tarzan's love interest Jane, as well as Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson. A rather stellar cast indeed and Skarsgard feels like a fantastic fit to play the title character.

Hounsou has definitely played his fair share of bad guys if it goes that way, as seen in "The Island" and "Push. He will next be seen in James Gunn's "Guardians of the Galaxy". His strong on-screen presence and smooth acting style is an asset to any project. This title is certainly shaping up rather nicely and it will be interesting to see how they choose to explore the rich content for this new rendition of the famous character.

Do you like the addition of Hounsou? Let us know in the comments section below!

"Tarzan" will hit AMC Theatres on July 1st, 2016

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