Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling Being Courted for Shane Black's THE NICE GUYS

By Amirose Eisenbach June 13, 2014

Shane Black is coming off the heat of "Iron Man 3", which despite mixed reviews from mostly fanboys, made a ton of money worldwide. Word of his next directorial effort has surfaced titled "The Nice Guys", which will explore the film noir genre.

Some serious talent in the form of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are being courted to join the picture. Crowe of course has dabbled with the genre before in "L.A. Confidential", while Gosling too has explored the vein, as seen in the recent but disappointing "Gangster Squad".

Black co-write the script with Anthony Bagarozzi, which takes place in the 1970s and revolves around a tough enforced and a private eye teaming up to investigate a murder conspiracy surrounding a fading porn star's suicide. The cool thing about this depiction of film noir is that this is a much grungier and trying time in L.A. history than other films of the genre, which have exposed the sexier side.

While he may be more recently known for helming the Marvel property as well as directing the wonderful "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", many may not realize he is one of the most influential screenwriters in the industry. Black is responsible for bringing us "Lethal Weapon", "The Last Boy Scout", and "The Long Kiss Goodnight", to name a few.

This project sounds incredibly interesting and I hope Crowe and Gosling pan out, as I would gamble that the three can make some serious magic together.

Do you like the sound of "The Nice Guys"? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: CinemaBlend

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