Zak Penn Hired to Rewrite READY PLAYER ONE

By Amirose Eisenbach June 25, 2014

Zak Penn has been hired to rewrite Warner Bros' screenplay for the video-game influenced Ernie Cline story "Ready Player One". This news comes four years after WB picked up the screen rights to the property.

Penn is best known for writing the original screenplay for "The Avengers" before Joss Whedon made it his own, as well as the Edward Norton-starring "The Incredible Hulk". On the other end of the spectrum however, he also penned the disappointing "X-Men: The Last Stand", so his superhero screen credits remain mixed.

We see relationships in this industry form frequently and people who often enjoy working together, continue to do so. Cline was involved in helping Penn document the buried E.T. Atari games in New Mexico, so that right there definitely supports the claim on why he may be a good fit after all.

The novel which is filled with amazing 80s pop culture references, takes place in dystopian 2044 where the internet is a virtual reality system called the OASIS. When the creator of the OASIS dies, he reveals that he's leaving his massive fortune and controlling ownership of the OASIS to the person who discovers the hidden Easter egg in it.

A project like this will be incredibly dependent on what kind of director they land. Sure, the writer is important but the director is responsible for bringing a complicated story like this visually to the big-screen, so we should know a lot more about what to expect once a helmer is locked.

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Source: IGN

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