Kevin Smith Debuts First TUSK Poster

By Amirose Eisenbach July 10, 2014

Following the news yesterday of The Weinstein's not financing Kevin Smith's "Clerks III", Smith assured us that his horror film "Tusk" was still in motion. Further cementing that fact, Smith revealed the first poster for his project via social media this morning.

The poster is simple, utilizing grey and black tones, with a big old moon and hill morphing into a tusk in the center. The words "Let me tell you a story" accompany the picture. It has an eerie almost Tim Burton feel to it.

"Tusk" follows a journalist named Wallace (Justin Long) who uncovers the story of a lifetime through his relationship with Mr. Howe (Michael Parks). Howe is a worldwide adventurer with crazy stories and a peculiar affection for walruses. This story was taken from a tale shared on Smith's podcast.

Smith's style with a story like this should certainly be a fun time. Long has also proven to be good in horror and comedy properties like "Drag Me to Hell" and should be a good protagonist.

Smith has promised to debut the first trailer at nerd haven later this month, San Diego Comic Con. We should get a much better feel for the tone after that.

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"Tusk" will hit AMC Theatres later this year

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