Kevin Smith Says CLERKS III Delayed, TUSK Moving Forward

By Amirose Eisenbach July 8, 2014

Many have been anticipating the ending to the trilogy of Kevin Smith's "Clerks III", but sadly you may have to wait a bit longer than expected. According to Smith, The Weinstein Company is no longer financing the picture.

"[The Weinsteins] passed," Smith said. "I went in with a $6 million budget and they were like, ‘Oh no, Kevin. This is too high.’ Bob offered us distribution, but they weren’t going to finance it."

Smith has already finished the script and many of the original actors have already agreed to return. Will he fund the film himself, look for another backer, or turn to the new age of filmmaking and try a KickStarter campaign?

While "Clerks III" may temporarily be on the back-burner, not all hope is lost. If Smith does find funding for the project, it sounds like the Weinstein's will still distribute it. That is, if Smith's pride doesn't get in the way of that potential.

In the meantime, Smith gave an update to another project he has in the pipeline. His quirky new film starring Justin Long called "Tusk".

Smith stated, "Like ‘Tusk,’ ['Yoga-Hosers'] sprang out of a podcast. There are two characters in a convenience store in ‘Tusk’ that you see for five minutes, very much Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. I’ve built a whole movie around them and I have brought one of the other characters from ‘Tusk’ back."

Good news for one project, delayed news for another. At least Smith fans are getting a new project from him later this year.

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Source: Variety

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