New FOXCATCHER Trailer Starring Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum and Steve Carell

By Amirose Eisenbach July 3, 2014

A new teaser trailer for "Foxcatcher" has dropped and it's nothing short of intense and incredible. Murmurs of a little golden statue for one of the incredible leads has already started, boasting the talents of Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo.

The teaser clip reveals just enough to keep us excited and build momentum, without revealing the entire story just yet. Of course, since it's based on true and terrifying events, we know how it tragically ends. But many are unaware of how we got from point A to point B and that story, anchored by the talent of not only the actors, but also director Bennett Miller, should make for some seriously good cinema.

Synopsis: FOXCATCHER tells the gripping, true story of Olympic Wrestling Champion brothers Mark Schultz (Tatum) and Dave Schultz (Ruffalo) and their relationship with the eccentric John du Pont (Carell), heir to the du Pont Chemical fortune that led to murder.

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"Foxcatcher" hits AMC Theatres on November 14th

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