AMCi: Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl to Lead COLONIA

By Alicia Malone September 29, 2014

Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl (“Rush”, “The Fifth Estate”) will be starring together in a period thriller called “Colonia”.

The film will be directed by Oscar winner Florian Gallenberger, a German director who took home the statue for his short film “Quiero Ser (I Want To Be…)”. His following two films starred Daniel Bruhl, who will be leading this drama, based on true events during the Chilean military coup of 1973. He will be playing a young guy who is abducted by Pinochet’s secret police, with Watson cast ashis girlfriend who is trying to track him down. She discovers his whereabouts through a cult, which is masquerading as a charitable mission, and soon gets sucked into their ways.

“Colonia” will be filmed throughout Europe, in Luxembourgh, Munich, Berlin and South America.

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Source: Deadline

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