23 JUMP STREET in Development

By Amirose Eisenbach September 11, 2014

The comedic genius duo of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill took us all by surprise in Chris Miller and Phil Lord's "21 Jump Street". We've known that Hill was great at comedy but Tatum also undoubtedly has his own flare and the two play masterfully off each other. Their sequel "22 Jump Street" was also positively received and a solid success. Apparently the adventures of their characters Jenko and Schmidt aren't slowing down anytime soon, as a third movie has now been announced.

Rodney Rotham has been hired to pen "23 Jump Street", which will be produced by Miller, Lord, Hill, Tatum and Moritz. There is no word yet on whether Miller and Lord will return to co-direct but it's said they will be overseeing the script. It's great they are involved but I'm in the camp that would certainly be less excited about the film if they weren't lending their vision to the helm again.

Since they are on as producers and have made audiences very happy with these two films, Tatum and Jonah are expected to return as the cop duo. It's very rare for a sequel to be accepted as being as good as the original, so the heat for the franchise is still very much intact. But will they still create that kind of magic if Miller and Lord are not directing it? We'll have to watch the news around this one.

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