Jai Courtney Talks TERMINATOR GENISYS Tone and Rating

By Amirose Eisenbach October 9, 2014

Alan Taylor captivated audiences with "Thor: The Dark World" and he hopes to do the same with his new "Terminator" film hitting theatres next year. The film will see the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as introduce younger versions of the characters we all fell in love with, including Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney.

Courtney, who will portray Kyle Reese in the film, recently discussed what's in store for us with "Terminator Genisys".

He stated, "What I can say is that we start in a place we're familiar with from the early films and then, you know, circumstances change. It somewhat shifts the course of events from that point. It's not necessarily a sequel or a reboot. I don't even know how you brand it correctly. We're not remaking one of the early 'Terminator' movies. And it doesn't necessarily carry on from the point where we left off."

Film ratings are a hot topic of conversation these days. The filmgoing audience generally hopes a film that will have some graphic violence and explore dark and adult themes, will be rated R. "Terminator" is such a franchise. But from a studio standpoint, the appeal of a PG-13 film is rather simple, as it widens the audience and potential monetary gain. You can also do a lot more with a PG-13 rating than you used to, pushing the boundaries in this edgier age of cinema.

Courtney had something to add on the question, of what rating he thinks will be assigned to this film.

He stated, "I would love to see it be rated R, but I don't think it will. I think in this day & age, it's much more likely to be PG-13. There were no f-bombs. But there'll be a healthy amount of movie violence."

On whether Schwarzenegger would be included in the sequels that have already been announced, Courtney said, ""Hard to imagine a Terminator film without Arnold. I guess we start filming - I think the plan is do the next 2 back to back in 2016."

Taylor's "Thor: The Dark World" was fantastic and explored several rich worlds, which was indeed good preparation for what's in store for this one. A pretty solid cast is locked in, so let's just hope they get the formula right and the film is more reminiscent of "T2" than say, "Terminator: Salvation".

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"Terminator Genisys" will hit AMC Theatres on July 1st, 2015

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