James Wan Returning to Helm THE CONJURING 2

By Amirose Eisenbach October 22, 2014

Speculation ran wild when Warner Bros. and New Line recently pushed "The Conjuring" sequel off its October 2015 release date, with little reason as to why. Fans wondered if another spin-off film within the same universe would sprout up in its place, if the script was deemed bad and needed a rewrite, or a variety of other potential reasons. Now the real reason has been revealed and it's a wonderful one at that.

Director James Wan is officially returning to helm the sequel. By pushing the film to 2016, this allows Wan the necessary time needed to promote his upcoming "Fast and Furious 7", which is set for an April 2015 release. Following the difficult production of the film in the wake of actor Paul Walker's death, this is certainly not a film tour he wants to skimp on.

In a recent interview about the announcement, Wan stated, "Everyone is obviously very excited, not just from a business standpoint, but with the story we've cooked up for the second one. The script is really strong, and it's actually very exciting. I think the fans are very excited about it -- clearly, with the success of Annabelle. That means people are very hungry and are in love with the world we've created in The Conjuring. So there's lots of great stories to be told there. I think that's what people want to see. I do know that everyone wants that."

Wan is one of the most influential masters of horror for this generation. Having helmed the first "The Conjuring", produced its spin-off film "Annabelle", and of course helming both "Insidious" and "Insidious Chapter 2", the man knows how to scare his audience. This is a delay I'm more than happy to wait for.

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"The Conjuring 2" will hit AMC Theatres in 2016

Source: IGN

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