Jeremy Renner Chats BOURNE LEGACY Sequel and Matt Damon Crossover Film

By Amirose Eisenbach October 8, 2014

Fans rejoiced last month to learn that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass would be re-teaming for another "Bourne" adventure. After their original trilogy concluded, "The Bourne Legacy" emerged, which had Jeremy Renner starring as Aaron Cross in lieu of the absent Bourne. A sequel had since been announced for Renner but after this "Bourne" continuation news, many have wondered where that leaves that film in terms of timing.

In a recent interview, Renner was asked if the sequel would be put on hold. He responded that it would still be forging ahead and also had something to add on the other film.

Renner stated, "No, it's still moving. Yeah, it's still moving. We have our director who's actually run off to do the True Detective series right now, and then while that's happening they're finishing writing the script. I know Greengrass and Damon...well, I've heard have maybe cracked an idea, a reason to continue the Bourne series, which is fantastic. They have created a very exciting universe, and hopefully in my mind I'd love for us to do something together. If not on the next one, sometime very soon. I think that would be really great. I know I want it. I feel like the fans want it as well."

It appears that the team is trying to create their own expanded universe, which is smart given all the craze these days surrounding the successful comic-book universes. Many fans felt like "The Bourne Legacy" was a poor man's attempt at continuing the original franchise but that it was no fault of Renner's, who was good as always. Others enjoyed the film, separating it from the films proceeding it. It appears to be a unanimous belief however, that no one found it to be better than the original trilogy.

Why not combine the two characters into one film and really give fans a run for their money? Apparently Renner agrees with this notion and added his two cents on the matter.

Renner said, "For me, in my head? I think it's a little bit of both. I think you pit them against each other, and then they go together against the bad guy. We realize that we're not the enemy. I mean, I think a thousand people can come up with that scenario, but I think you do both. I think that could be really interesting. Mind you, there have been NO talks, whatsoever, creatively about that. So that's just the fanboy in me, I suppose. [Laughs.]"

Well there you have it. It seems like a big waste of talent and resources to not put the two characters in one film, so I would bet that we will definitely see that happen. Perhaps just after two more solo films first, with tie-ins and hints leading to the big team-up.

What do you make of Renner's comments? Let us know in the comments section below!

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