AMCi: The Palm Springs International Film Festival To Recognize Eddie Redmayne

By Alicia Malone November 7, 2014

Eddie Redmayne, star of the Stephen Hawking biopic “The Theory Of Everything” will receive the 2015 Desert Palm Achievement Award at next year’s Palm Springs International Film Festival.

The special award recognizes acting talent, and will add to the Oscar buzz building for Redmayne’s performance. Past recipients of the award include Matthew McConaughey, Colin Firth and Daniel-Day Lewis, who all went on to win the Best Actor Oscar.

Harold Matzner, Chairman of the festival says, "From ‘The Good Shepherd' to 'Les Miserables,' Eddie Redmayne has proven himself an actor poised for greatness. In 'The Theory of Everything', as ALS-stricken scientist Stephen Hawking, Redmayne captivates his audience as he goes through a powerful physical transformation, from a healthy college student to a dependent wheelchair-bound middle-aged man, in what is truly a stunning performance. We are honored to recognize Eddie Redmayne with the 2015 Desert Palm Achievement Award for acting."

Do you think this award will help Eddie’s chances for an Oscar? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IndieWire

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