AMCi: The Sundance Diaries - Day Two

By Alicia Malone January 25, 2015

Day two started off with a bang. A bang of dark Argentinian comedy. The Oscar nominated ‘Wild Tales’ was first on my and Amirose’s list, and it did not disappoint.

Directed by Damián Szifrón, ‘Wild Tales’ is made up of six short films, all tied together through the theme of revenge. I’ve been hearing about this movie from film reporter friends who watched it at the Cannes Film Festival. They all told me how hilarious it is, and they were not lying… it is wickedly funny. ‘Wild Tales’ is the type of film which makes you laugh, then makes you immediately question yourself for why you laughed at something so horrendous. But then again, I have a sick sense of humor, so it’s not surprising I was giggling throughout, as each of the characters either got their own vengeance or had vengeance brought upon them. And it’s beautifully shot. Definitely try to catch it if you have the chance.

Next up was the horror flick ‘It Follows’. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a giant wuss. I have a love/hate relationship with horror films, so I try to avoid them at any cost. But… I do trust my AMC indie sister Amirose, who told me I HAD to see it. She had caught the film at the AFI Film Festival in October, and hasn’t stopped raving about it since. Directed by David Robert Mitchell and starring Maika Monroe (‘The Guest’), ‘It Follows’ is about an STD… a sexually transmitted DEMON. To pass the demon, you have to have sex, and when you do, your partner will be followed by a demon, taking any form, walking slowly and ominously towards you, wanting to kill you.

Pretty freaky right? Luckily, my coat provided a semi-adequate shield from the scares, and I kept looking over at Amirose to see when it was OK to start watching again. She didn’t help, choosing instead to laugh at how ridiculous I was being. But I did love the concept, the gorgeous shot composition, and Maika Monroe is becoming my new indie favorite. She’s so interesting to watch.

Our third movie for the day was supposed to be 'Z For Zachariah', but as sometimes happens at Sundance, the press screening was 7 lines deep and full, one hour before the start time.

Dejected, we took the opportunity to have a short break before our next film, the premiere screening of James Ponsoldt's 'The End of the Tour'. Jesse Eisenberg plays Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky, who spent a few days with the late, great author David Foster Wallace, played here by Jason Segel.

This is a very different film for Ponsoldt, it feels almost like a Linklater movie in terms of having long scenes packed with dense dialogue. It's a road movie, and quite fascinating if you've got an interest in David Foster Wallace. It's not what I expected, but ended up being a touching, simple film focusing on the more human side of an artist. Jason Segel is the best I have ever seen him here, and Eisenberg uses his usual awkward, slightly egocentric vibe perfectly for his role as the slightly jealous author. And it reminded me to try to read Wallace's 'The Infinite Jest' for the third time.

Premiere over, we treated ourselves to some dinner (food is one of the last things you think about at a festival!) and curled up to sleep for just a few hours... there's plenty planned for tomorrow, day three!

Which of these movies are you most interested in seeing? Let us know in the comments below!

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