ENTOURAGE Set Visit: Let's Hug It Out with Vinny, Drama and the Boys

By Amirose Eisenbach April 24, 2015

Are you ready to hug it out and reunite with Vinny Chase and the boys? It's been four years after the eighth and final season of "Entourage" ended and soon we'll get all the fun and drama back, Johnny Drama included, with a full-length feature.

I had the great opportunity of visiting a beautiful mansion overlooking the seaside cliffs of Palos Verdes on a set visit, which will serve as Turtle's not-so-humble abode in the film. That's right, friends. Jerry Ferrara, who made Turtle come to life in the show, is moving up in the fictional world.

The whole crew was present, with the exception of the angry but lovable Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven. In addition to Ferrara, the leader of the pack Vinny (Adrian Grenier), Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) and Eric "E" Murphy (Kevin Connolly) were all present.

Using Mark Wahlberg's life as a template, original series creator Doug Ellin is back at the helm for the film. We had the chance to sit down with him, as well as the cast, to find out some juicy tidbits about what's in store for our favorite Entourage crew.

When asked how the stakes have been raised for the characters, Ellin stated, "I think everything’s just bigger for them. They’re older, they’re more mature. There’s real family and relationship stuff going on. Finances of making your own movie are bigger than just being an actor in a movie, so I think hopefully everything’s up."

When the film begins, we find Vinny has added producing and directing to his resume, which is in clear parallel to Grenier's own endeavors since the series ended.

When asked if his character was influenced by his own life, Grenier said, "Doug borrows a lot from real life and from our personal stories as well, and tried to make it as authentic as possible. Sort of maybe a more exaggerated, larger than life version. But yeah, borrowing from little truths."

Beyond the big houses, beautiful people, exotic islands and unfiltered Hollywood access that the show boasted, the plentiful and often random cameos it incorporated were always part of the fun. In the beginning of the show, some celebs did cameos as a favor to Mark Wahlberg and the production. But as the show continued to ramp up and become a hit, they actually had to turn down some requests.

On this good problem, Connolly stated, "Honestly. What Doug will say, Doug is great this way…somebody will call and say, "Hey I want to do the movie." And Doug will say, "Great, do you have any ideas?" And if an idea…well ya know, Bob Saget is back. And Bob Saget came with an idea and he got in. So it’s really like, what are you thinking? Are you ok with poking fun at yourself? What’s the sort of story that you want to tell? So umm yea, the cameos have never been a problem for this group."

I mean, it is Bob Saget, guys. You can't exactly say no to the man.

Speaking of cameos, fighting beauty Ronda Rousey joined the film and looks to be one of Turtle's love interest from the trailers. Or, true to Turtle form, so he wishes.

On the relationship, Ferrara lent some insight, saying, "We meet Ronda early in the movie, and it’s one of those things where Turtle thinks he had a connection with her back in the day and in typical fashion, all of the guys are doubting him, and it makes him kind of insecure. We kinda touch on something that’s nice for Ronda. I kind of ask her out and it becomes like a business deal and she gets confused by that, thinking that I actually wanted to date her and kind of normal, blue-collar guys never really ask her out, they’re intimidated. So it was definitely a good little kind of love story, romantic angle with her. I think it’s going to be pretty cool. I’ve been a fan of hers for years now and she’s the real deal, both in and out of the ring."

The next natural question obviously pertained to if we'll see the duo fight and Ferarra assured us, "There will be fighting. There will be blood, yes. And it’s going to be mine."

The kooky and lovable Johnny Drama, played by Dillon, gave us a little insight into why he thinks the public has gravitated  so much towards these boys and their characters.

He said, "I think it’s a friendship thing. These guys just really have a lot of love for each other and would do basically anything for each other. I think if they didn’t have that you wouldn’t care about them so much, but they really do care for each other. And also the aspect of being a superstar, having all the money and the girls and all that, and to see what goes on in Hollywood. This stuff really takes place. There’s nothing on this show that doesn’t happen. It’s all real life stuff."

So the boys are all back. The stakes have been raised. More love triangles and ridiculous situations will ensue. We'll be roped into the flashy, sexy and fun world of this Entourage crew once again. But how will the audience react to film versus the series?

Grenier stated, "I think it’s one of those things where people are going to be excited to go and sit in the theatre and we had the luxury of watching the show in the theatre during the premiere, and that’s something no one’s ever been able to experience, except those who were lucky enough to get tickets to the premiere. And it’s a whole other world. It’s a cinematic world and does really well on the big screen, so I’m excited for the first time people get to know what it was like for us to watch the show during the premiere on the big screen."

The vibe was intact, the set was beautiful. We weren't the only ones happy to be there and you could feel it from the cast, crew and their interactions. If the movie is a success, we may not have to say goodbye too soon again.

Connolly said, "Yea, I’m happy to be back. It’s funny, ya know, cause now you get into the thing…when the show ended, it was like, "Well, you know, hopefully we do the movie, see you on the movie set." And now it’s like, "Hope to see you for the sequel."

I for one can't wait. Be sure to see what kind of mischief Vinny and his crew get into on June 3rd when Warner Brothers' "Entourage" hits AMC Theatres!

Check out the trailer below and let us know how excited you are for the film in the comments section!

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