KHARMA BUMS Documentary: The Beauty of Adventure

By Amirose Eisenbach May 14, 2015

I think it's safe to say, our hearts all crave adventure. Some daydream about it. Some plan years in advance. Others, just grab their paddle-boards, video cameras and embark on a spiritual journey down the Ganges River in India. The most polluted river on the planet.

Filmmaker Jeremiah Kent and his brave friends and crew consisting of Ryan Salm, Martin Cavada, and Jason Sanavage, did exactly that. They had a wild idea to board down the river and document the experience, with the intent of bringing a documentary to fruition.

The quad was gone for a total of four weeks, with three weeks dedicated to the paddle-boarding experience. They persevered despite the misadventures, stomach aches and obstacles they encountered along the way.

When you're traveling, you are free to just exist and soak in the rich culture of your surroundings. Well, the boys soaked, alright. Even if those surroundings were far from sanitary.

On the experience, Kent learned that, "Sometimes you have to jump off the bridge because everyone else is doing it. I had no plans of bathing in the Ganga before I went on the trip and even when I was there. There was this moment, where we all kind of looked at each other and knew there was no way we can leave here without bathing in the river. I'll never forget that connectivity and energy after joining millions in this practice that has been happening for centuries."

If you've seen the footage of the river, trying to avoid plunging into it is not hard to understand. But something special happens when you let go and fully immerse yourself in the sacred customs of another country, that are as engrained in their existence as breathing.

I couldn't help but smile watching the film, aptly titled "Kharma Bums". Not to be confused with the Kerouac title. These boys embarked on the adventure of a lifetime and were even able to document the largest gathering of human beings ever recorded, known as the Kumbh Mela, some 140 miles down river to the holy city of Varanasi.

This is a documentary about exploring the world and yourself through a foreign environment. Society conditions us to work hard and stay put, trying to secure as much security and tangible items as possible. These boys took what they could fit on their backs. They got lost and humbled by another country's traditions and thrived on the beauty of adventure. That kind of experience and those colorful memories are priceless.

Kent hopes that his film gives people, "Inspiration to go out see and connect with the world. They don't have to go do something crazy like we did to have an adventure. See what happens when you start combining your passions with traveling."

Shout out to Jason Weissbrod who edited the film and to Mike Dillon for creating the awesome, original music. Be sure to check out the film's Facebook page for the chance to see it in your city!

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