Chloe Moretz Zombies Up In MAGGIE

By AMC May 11, 2012

Chloe Moretz can do almost no wrong in my eyes. She was nothing short of incredible as Hit Girl in one of my favorite films of 2010 and she was one of the main reasons why. But her potential didn't end at just being a child vigilante/assassin. She went on to give solid performances in films like "Let Me In" and last year's best picture nominated film "Hugo". Chloe can next be see this weeks new Johnny Depp film "Dark Shadows".

Reports are now out that the latest project Chloe has signed on for is the title character in the upcoming Zombie film "Maggie".

The basic story is set during a normal, stereotypical zombie apocalypse. (Paddy) Considine plays a father taking care of his daughter (Moretz), but when she is bit she slowly starts turning into a monster that he knows he will have to kill. Clearly becoming the hardest decision he's ever had to make.

On the one hand I'm pretty tired of Zombie stories. I mean, if I described this movie to you, would you be able to guess which one I'm talking about: "A zombie outbreak has hit the world and (name of group of people) struggle to survive the apocalypse and search for a haven for humanity". You can't name the movie or TV show… because I just described every single zombie project ever made.

ON THE OTHER HAND… there is rich story telling possibilities in the context of zombie films due to the fact that they center around such powerful human circumstances such as survival, loss, desperation, love, life etc. etc. etc.

So all things considered, to me "Maggie" sounds like a winner.

Source: Variety

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