RED 2 Lands Catherine Zeta-Jones And Storm Shadow

By AMC May 11, 2012

One of the most "pleasant surprise" films for me of 2010 was the Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Karl Urban film "Red" (standing for Retired Extremely Dangerous). I thought the wit and humor were completely on mark, the performances and action were great and John Malkovich was wonderful.

By the end of the film I found myself dying to see more of this rag tag group. Wish granted! Not long ago we heard that Lionsgate studio was brining the gang back together again for "Red 2", and this time they'd be directed by "Galaxy Quest" director Dean Parisot.

Plans for the sequel seem to be moving full steam ahead and it was just announced two new cast members would be joining the fray. Oscar award winner Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-hun Lee (best known to most of you as Storm Shadow in the "G.I. Joe" movies) have officially joined the cast. Almost nothing is known at this point about their characters or the role those characters will play.

Erik Feig, president of production at Lionsgate had this to say:

We had so much fun making RED and seeing that amazing cast assembled together – and so did consumers: over $200m worldwide and the No1 home entertainment rental of last year. We can’t wait to bring them back together, give them some new friends, and show they ‘still got it.’

What do you think? Are you pumped for a new RED?

Source: FilmOFilia

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