Robert Downey Jr To Earn $50 Million For AVENGERS?

By AMC May 17, 2012

They say that Chris Hemsworth (Thor) got paid roughly $3 million dollars for playing the god of thunder in "The Avengers", which is a lot of money no doubt. Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson are said to each have taken home around $4-6 million each for playing Director Nick Fury and Black Widow respectively… and no matter what world you live in that's a lot of money.

Yes, everyone seems to be reaping the rewards of the runaway success of "Avengers", but none is celebrating quite as much as Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. is said to be taking home something in the neighborhood of $50 million for his part in the film. I'll give you all a moment to pick your jaws up off the floor.

You see, after the surprise and huge success of the first "Iron Man" film, it's said that Downey's agent negotiated a deal with Marvel that his client would not only get a healthy upfront pay check for any future movies he appears in as Iron Man, but also that he would earn a certain percentage of "first dollar" points of the film. This means that whatever the film makes at the box-office, Downey would be entitled to a certain percentage of that money. Most actors who are lucky enough to get points at all usually get "net points" which means they get a percentage of the PROFIT of the movie. So if an actor had "net points" on a film that cost $120 million to make and the movie took in $130 million at the box-office, then the actor would get a percentage of that $10 million dollar profit while an actor with "First Dollar Points" would get a percentage of the entire $130 million. See how that theoretically works?

A few more "Avengers" movies and Downey could actually become Tony Stark in real life.

Here's the reported (rumored) break down of how much each of the cast roughly made:

Robert Downey Jr. - $50 million (or more)
Samuel L Jackson - $4-6 million
Scarlett Johansson - $4-6 million
Chris Hemsworth - $2-3 million
Chris Evans - $2-3 million
Jeremy Renner - $2-3 million
Mark Ruffalo - $2-3 million

But lest you feel badly for Hemsworth/Evans/Renner/Ruffalo… don't. At the end of the day they still got to walk home with a check for $2-3 million dollars in their pockets… and to me that's a pretty good day.

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Source: Screenrant

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