Robert Pattinson For Hunger Games Sequel CATCHING FIRE?

By AMC May 24, 2012

As if it's not enough that actor Robert Pattinson is already a part of two of the biggest film franchises of all time (as Edward in the "Twilight" series and Cedric in "Harry Potter") there is now talk that Lionsgate is "interested" in adding Pattinson to another monster franchise… The Hunger Games.

Reports are flying that Lionsgate is interested in adding the sparkling vampire/wizarding student to the upcoming Hunger Games sequel "Catching Fire" in the role of Finnick Odair, a former tribute with an eye for the ladies, who gets dragged into the Third Quarter Quell (a Hunger Games contested by previous winners).

The appeal here for Lionsgate is obvious. Pattinson is a proven box office performer in these kinds of demographically targeted films and his addition to the cast would A) generate an incredible amount of buzz amongst an already zealous fan base and B) do nothing but add more purchased tickets to the box office tallies.

However, don't start expecting to see Ol' Patty in the land of President Snow just yet. You see while adding Pattinson to the "Catching Fire" cast makes all the sense in the world for Lionsgate, it may not make a lot of sense to someone like Pattinson himself. As our friends over at JoBlo point out:

"I honestly doubt that Pattinson would want to tie himself to another franchise like THE HUNGER GAMES after all he's been doing to break away from them…

Just because Lionsgate is interested doesn't mean Pattinson is, and until we hear more you can see if that whole "break away" thing is working for Pattinson with COSMOPOLIS sometime this year."

Adding fuel to the speculation is the fact that Pattinson's director in "Water For Elephants", Frances Lawrence, is the new director for "Catching Fire" leading some people to surmise that the two would want to work again… or go even deeper into the conspiracy cave by claiming Lionsgate picked Lawrence to replace Gary Ross specifically as an attempt to lure Pattinson into the franchise (a scenario I deeply doubt).

So what do you think? Do you think Pattinson would make a good addition to the "Catching Fire" cast if he were to join? Do you think Pattinson would actually want to attach himself to yet another franchise targeted at this demographic? Let us know what you think in the comments below (and if you like this article, tweet it out and "like" it on your Facebook page).

Source: Joblo

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