Ryan Reynolds The New HIGHLANDER?

By AMC May 18, 2012

The original 1986 film "Highlander" starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery is one of my top 10 favorite films of all time. I've adored that film forever and nothing (in my opinion) the series has ever produced has come even remotely close (actually… Highlander 2 is on my "worst 10 films of all time" list).

There has been talk for a lot of years now about the potential of rebooting the franchise with a new star. Not a bad idea really since the original is 26 years old now. But in the midst of all the talk nothing concrete ever surfaced… well… until today apparently.

It is being reported that Lionsgate/Summit are in "serious talks" with actor Ryan Reynolds about potentially taking up the sword of Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod, AKA "The Highlander".

Variety reports:

Ryan Reynolds has emerged as the front-runner to topline the reboot, and though it's unclear whether an actual offer has been made, sources tell Variety that both sides are in talks and are very interested in working together. Insiders add that Reynolds is weighing other offers and that could still pursue another project.

Personally I'm a fan of Reynolds. His performances in films like "The Nines", "Definitely, Maybe" and especially "Buried" proved he was much more than just a pretty Hollywood face (personally I thought he deserved an Oscar nomination for his work in "Buried").

So what do you guys think? Are you ok with the idea of a HIGHLANDER remake, and if so what do you think of Reynolds potentially talking up the sword?

Source: Variety

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