WARRIOR Director Gavin O'Connor Bring Us YAKUZA

By AMC May 11, 2012

I absolutely loved last year's film "Warrior". Never mind the fact that I am indeed a huge MMA fan, the fact of the matter is it was one of the best dramatic films of the year with some incredible performances and it deserved a lot more attention than it got.

The man in the director's chair for that film was Gavin O'Connor, and now it appears that Gavin has his next project on the books by looking into the dark world of the Japanese crime organizations known as the Yakuza. The film is said to be about:

"an American intelligence expert who becomes embroiled in the affairs of a notorious yakuza godfather and finds himself plunged into the violent criminal underworld and toxic landscape of post-tsunami Japan."

Stories of the crime world always intrigue me and with Gavin at the helm I'm sure I'll be lining up on opening day to catch this one. What about you? Is the description and Gavin's involvement enough to get YAKUZA on your radar?

Source: Deadline

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