1:54 Rated NR

1:54 PT0M
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Yan England
Antoine Olivier Pilon, Sophie Nelisse
Release Date
October 14, 2016

Movie Buzz

  • @Gomma23

    the 1:54 movie is... wow. I don't have another words.

  • @ratri91

    another Greatest Movie from Karan Johar, and the music was so rich, the lightning also :) menit 1.54, duh, inhale-e… https://t.co/73jFYyd6yV

  • @Nicsho

    Previews started at 1:32 pm. It's now 1:54 PM. Movie is just now starting. Probably got money to put trailers at the start.

  • @Trackie

    [TRAILER] 1:54 French Canadian Movie https://t.co/ktQWSzpB6r https://t.co/s4Dys1ZuCh

  • @calebdubridge

    I love target cause you can buy a bag of movie theatre quality popcorn for 1.54

  • @rosieloveshawn

    Just watched 1:54, WOW I'm speechless. Tbh I think it's the best movie I've ever seen.

  • @omgmck

    1:54 is an amazing movie💗