21 Jump Street Rated NR

21 Jump Street https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Posters/089322H1.jpg NR https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Trailers/89322_med.mp4 PT110M


An undercover police unit consisting of young looking officers infiltrate high schools to control youth crime.

Running Time
1 hr 50 min
Release Date
March 16, 2012

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  • @MagnusEnt_Mag

    #Movie: Channing Tatum Learns Card Tricks and Cajun Accent for 'Gambit': The '21 Jump Street' actor reportedl... http://t.co/9ncz0uaMGC

  • @faloodapapi

    21 jump street was a great movie

  • @Snoib

    21 jump street was a good movie

  • @MusicProSource

    http://t.co/DNfTIm1Y1t 21 JUMP STREET movie mylar 2.5" x 12" CHANNING TATUM JONAH HILL

  • @BryanWithaTe

    21 jump street is the funniest movie ever! I wanna watch it after I get of of work now lol

  • @_DinaeAirelle

    Watching 21 Jump Street , 😂😂 this movie will always be funny to me.

  • @CrazyCurls1982

    I will never get sick of watching 21 Jump Street ! Funny movie!