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21 Jump Street Rated R

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An undercover police unit consisting of young looking officers infiltrate high schools to control youth crime.

Running Time
1 hr 50 min
Release Date
March 16, 2012

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  • @kyndraashford

    21 jump street is the best movie ever

  • @nikita_sabhrwal

    21 Jump Street movie night! 🎥 (@ Barbie's Dreamhouse)

  • @jmad59

    If somebody with the movie 21 jump street lets me borrow it ill like give you a high five or something

  • @sadand_hellarad

    RT @KylieWahl: From 21 jump street!! I love this movie it is crazy funny!!!=)

  • @Jacob4006Odom

    Just re-watched 21 jump street XD BEST.MOVIE.EVER

  • @DailyDisgrace

    RT @UndeniableLogik: 21 Jump Street RT“@DailyDisgrace: @UndeniableLogik no no that's not the best part. They're considering making a movie …

  • @MichaelFisher25

    21 jump street is one funny movie