25 Kille, which stands for an area of 25 acres of agricultural land, is a story about the relationship between the land and Jatts, the farmers of Punjab; as the tiltle itself suggests. Punjab, as everybody knows, is the land of villages with agriculture running its economy. And the Jatts are known for their love for the land and the how each and everything in their lives is connected to it. So this movie, set in the backdrop of this socio-economical set-up of rural Punjab, narrates our story taking a jovial and light-hearted start and, as the story moves on, culminating into a film that is beautifully filled with emotions, family bonds and of course, a real desi Punjabi action. This is a story of 4 brothers living in a small village of Punjab. Saudagar Singh is the eldest one and the other three are; Balwinder Singh AKA Bhola, Ransher Singh AKA Shera and Diljaan. They are Jatts but only by birth, not occupation as they don’t own an inch of land. And for the Jatt community, being landless is being nobody on this earth, and that is why both the big brothers are not married and hopes are faint for the younger ones too. With none of their parents alive now, the only thing for these four brothers to cherish is just their togetherness. To earn bread and butter for the family, Saudagar Singh deals in purchasing and selling of horses and Bhola keeps himself busy with contract farming on a small piece of land. Ransher is a tough guys with Punjab style Kabbaddi his only passion while Diljaan is a student. Although what keeps Diljaan busy is, not studies but flirting with girls. Living their lives with a little of happiness and a longing that if they had some land. And then one day something happens in their life like a miracle. They get to know that they have got some ancestral land of 25 acre which they just have to claim and they will become the owners of that. Elated and overjoyed they start day dreaming, like anybody in a situation like this would do but when the start their journey of becoming the owners of this land, things seem not to be that simple. The land is in possession of Bachittar Singh and Santokh Singh, two brothers who are rich, influential and ruthless feudal lords. Going to court and doing all the needful to get their land back they find themselves helpless against the antagonists. And during this they come to know that even their father had died fighting for this land and his death was not a death but a murder. And this is where this light-hearted comedy turns into an action-packed emotional drama. Now as our story triggers off and takes many twists and turns as these four brothers fight for what is theirs but can not be taken back easily. And how these weak common four transform into the triumphant four is what our movie ‘25 Kille’ is all about.

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.2 hr 20 minNR

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