One of the strangest Christmas movies ever made, Santa and The Ice Cream Bunny defies logic, reason, and we believe several laws of physics. Santa’s sleigh is stuck on the beach, and only one creature can help him: The Ice Cream Bunny! Unfortunately, the fire truck that the Ice Cream Bunny drives needs repairs, so he’ll be a little late coming from Pirates World, the run-down theme park that he lives in. We’d like to take this moment to remind, that yes, this is a real movie that people actually made. Never fear though, because Santa has a great story to pass the time: the tale of Thumbelina. Marvel as this beloved fairy tale is warped into something resembling Frozen starring an all-inmate cast with the production values of a crime re-enactment from a 90s episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Co-starring a pig, a sweltering man in a gorilla suit, paper mache birds, soiled Santa costumes, and several pervy moles, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny is one of the most popular RiffTrax titles of all time and a bonafide holiday classic. Mike, Kevin, and Bill are delighted to inflict, er, Present it live for the very first time

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.2 hr NR

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