A heartwarming comedy about two filmmakers going to Armenia to shoot a simple movie about a third generation American-Armenian who travels to Yerevan to adopt a 12-year- old. Teaming up with a local impresario, the team begins the arduous task of auditioning local talent, scouting locations, and securing the last leg of funding. What seems to be a perfect plan becomes a perfect storm of absurd meetings, unexpected discoveries, and hysterical events, which culminates with the project being sabotaged. Somehow, the trio must find a way to finish their film.

  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Vahik PirhamzeiActor

  • Hrant TokhatyanActor

  • Vahe BerberianActor

  • Vahik PirhamzeiDirector

  • Vahe BerberianDirector

  • Vahik PirhamzeiProducer

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