8 Mile Rated R

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Jimy Smith Jr, a young white rapper growing up in Detroit, struggles to find his voice. The people of Detroit know 8 Mile as the city limit, a border or boundary. It is also a psychological dividing line that separates Jimmy from where and who he wants to be.

Running Time
1 hr 51 min
Curtis Hanson
Brittany Murphy, Eminem, Mekhi Phifer
Release Date
November 8, 2002

Movie Buzz

  • @Merk_43

    everybody always actin like they got so many doubters/haters 🙄 like bruh you ain't a hallmark movie or Eminem in 8 mile sit down nobody care

  • @KelDansby

    Caught the final battle of 8 Mile in MTV & that scene is probably my fave ending to any movie ever. A decade later & I still lose my S**t

  • @RahMoves

    RT @kingvincent_: 8 Mile is an iconic movie

  • @trinipaiz

    RT @mackey414: The rap battle at the end of 8 mile has to be one of the most iconic moments in movie history

  • @aramayo_bryanna

    RT @kingvincent_: 8 Mile is an iconic movie

  • @keelydevlin114

    RT @nmetzger15: 8 mile is such a bangin movie

  • @jmenocal16

    RT @kingvincent_: 8 Mile is an iconic movie