Phantom Rated NR

Phantom NR PT148M


Phantom is a political thriller set in the volatile climate that exists in South Asia. Constant terror attacks against India have left the Indian people feeling vulnerable and angry. The Indian government and security agencies are helpless as the masterminds of the attacks are out of reach. When an infiltrator with plans to attack India is caught, the Head of India’s security agency and his team take matters into their own hands. The film follows the protagonist Daniyal, whose journey to seek justice takes him to India, Europe, America and the volatile Middle East. Local assets in various countries help Daniyal, including Nawaz Mistry who works for an American security agency. Daniyal and Nawaz are drawn into a battle of wits with a shrewd and ruthless enemy. With the enemy hot on their heels, Daniyal and Nawaz against all odds try and finish the job they had set out to do. Along the way they find out that in a mission like this there is always a price to pay, in this case a very personal price.

Running Time
2 hr 28 min
Kabir Khan
Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan
Release Date
August 28, 2015

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  • @gurubrammha

    RT @TheJafferM: I wish phantom movie was real it would be a tribute to victims and martyrs. .. #MumbaiAttacks

  • @TheJafferM

    I wish phantom movie was real it would be a tribute to victims and martyrs. .. #MumbaiAttacks

  • @xoxogossipgita

    RT @alec_dh: @xoxogossipgita Are you still livetweeting that movie or are you stealing Kojima's thoughts about Phantom Pain DLC that never …

  • @spica_vi_

    !!!!! Bro!!!1 @AliceHamada YOu watched phantom of the opera?? Which version?? The musical? the movie?? WHICH ONE

  • @Vrgndlstn

    #RonHowardWas Offered ‘The Phantom Menace’; Has Turned Down Superhero Movies Over the ...

  • @vincepecoraro

    Watching Phantom Menace tonight. Most of the movie sucks but the pod race really holds up.

  • @HKarandikar

    #MumbaiAttacks 26/11 Remember the #Phantom movie is still a fantasy. The masterminds of #Pakistan still unpunished. #Islamic #terror