A Werewolf Boy Rated PG13

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An unexpected phone call summons an elderly woman, who has lost interest in life, back to Korea and the remote cottage in the countryside where she spent a tumultuous time in her youth. Memories overwhelm Suni of a feral and mute orphan who the family took in a only to discover that he was a creature never meant to exist. But damaged by lifeas struggles herself, the beautiful, young Suni is patiently determined to tame the awolf boya and teach him to live among people. In return, he repays her uncommon kindness with unparalleled devotion. When a threat to Suni brings out the boyas bestial instinct, he abruptly becomes the target of the villagersa fears. To save his life, Suni must abandon him, but promises that she will return ... Is it possible that he continues to wait for her?

Running Time
2 hr 5 min
Release Date
November 30, 2012

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    RT @FemraceOfficial: A Werewolf Boy (2012) Korean movie http://t.co/KRE9thmiOL

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    A Werewolf Boy No doubt that Song Joong Ki got me with DOTS so easily. 'cause last 2012 he made an indeed spectacular movie! #SongJoongKi

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    watched A Werewolf Boy Movie

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    https://t.co/ElyfGb96Nn A WereWolf Boy lovestory 2012 movie Korean beautiful but sad ending .Park Bo Young &Song Joong Ki ,great acting😍😱👏👏

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    Just finished watching "A Werewolf Boy" w/ Song Joongki & Park Boyoung & wow ive never cried so much for a movie b4 https://t.co/7fANSREeD4

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    a werewolf boy! (movie) https://t.co/xHAlBKABLJ

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    RT @joshuahyung: Seungcheol as Chul Soo in the movie A Werewolf Boy (can you hear my cry) https://t.co/sGlhcicl02