A suddenly falling star reaches out to lift up a troubled newcomer in A WINTER ROSE, which takes a fresh twist to the timeless story of a musician striving against the odds to reach the top. Does a great gift demand to be shared? That question lies at the heart of writer-director Riz Storyas music-driven debut feature drama as a young singer wins a one-in-a-million competition only to find herself battling against the certainty that sheas not good enough, strong enough or deserving enough to take the prize. With a realism strongly rooted in Storyas extensive personal experience in the music business, fused with just a touch of a musical fairy tale, the film unfolds the story of how an idol transmits to her protege the belief that she too can inspire. Story is a first-time feature film director but has been passionately involved in music since early childhood, composing symphonies, producing records and touring with several rock bands, among other artistic pursuits. His insight into how musicians struggle a' and find their voices -- and the poignant story of paying a lucky break forward that he created for A WINTER ROSE helped to lure actors well beyond the micro-budget of his premiere feature. Leading the tightly-knit cast are rising actress and singer Kimberly Whalen, a new discovery in the title role, Theresa Russell bringing a fresh addition to her roster of strong, intriguing woman and Paul Sorvino in one of his most stirringly emotional performances.

  • Drama

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