The Papal Basilicas of Rome is a unique film that combines history, spirituality, architecture and art. It takes its cue from the Extraordinary Jubilee proclaimed by Pope Francis, which will see the faithful from all over the world pour into Rome in their millions, to cross the threshold of the Papal Basilicas and obtain a plenary indulgence. The opening of the Holy Doors will be an historical moment, certain to draw the whole world’s attention to Rome’s Papal Basilicas and be the ideal opportunity to tell the story, using a narrative language that will emotionally involve audiences, as they witness the magnificence that lies inside the four Basilicas. There will be an impassioned commentary from distinguished experts in the field telling the story of Saint Peter’s, St John Lateran, St Mary Major and St Paul Outside-the-Walls. The life stories of Popes and artists will be told, as will the events that made these places immortal, the spirituality they emanate and the mysteries and legends associated with them. Architecture, art, history and spirituality will be recounted in the words of those well acquainted with the deepest recesses of the spirit of these buildings.

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.1 hr 40 minNR

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