When retired 68 year-old Meir discovers that his 30 years of planning the annual village celebration have been summarily discarded and the job has been given to inexperienced local teens instead, the ground beneath his feet begins to give way. In his effort to restore a sense of meaning and vitality, Meir begins to rebel against the inevitable: the betrayal of his physical body, the growing distance from his children, and the loss of relevance.

  • 1 hr 22 minNR
  • Apr 29, 2022
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Maya GernerActor

  • Meir GernerActor

  • Oren GernerActor

  • Josephs QuartzyActor

  • Oren GernerDirector

  • Itay AkiravProducer

  • Oren GernerWriter