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The fate of the nation rests on the courage of one man. Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman star in two-time Oscar nominee Wolfgang Petersen's gripping thriller about an uncompromising U.S. President who has just told the world he will not negotiate with terrorists. When Russian neo-nationalists hijack Air Force One, the world's most secure and extraordinary aircraft, the President is faced with a nearly impossible decision to give in to terrorist demands or sacrifice not only the country's dignity, but the lives of his wife and daughter.

  • 2 hr 4 minChildren under 17 may not attend R-rated movies unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Children ages 6 and under are not allowed at R-rated movies after 6pm.
  • Jul 25, 1997
  • Action

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Cast & Crew

  • Gary OldmanActor

  • Harrison FordActor

  • Glenn CloseActor

  • Glenn MorshowerActor

  • Bill SmitrovichActor

  • Dean StockwellActor

  • Elya BaskinActor

  • Jurgen ProchnowActor

  • Liesel MatthewsActor

  • Paul GuilfoyleActor