Al Purdy has been called the last, best and most Canadian poet. He was also a wild character, a beer-hall brawler with a transcendental streak. A high-school dropout who rode freights during the Depression, Al endured decades of failure before putting down roots in a homemade A-frame cabin. Fifteen years after his death, a drive to restore the cabin as a writing retreat rallies some of Canada's finest artists, who set his words to music. With performers who include Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, Tanya Tagaq, Michael Ondaatje and Bruce Cockburn, Purdy's poetry, and spirit, come roaring back to life.

  • Documentary

Cast & Crew

  • Brian D. JohnsonDirector

  • Brian D. JohnsonProducer

  • Marni JacksonWriter

  • Brian D. JohnsonWriter

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