Almost Perfect Rated NR

Almost Perfect NR PT105M


When you need a ride from the airport, you call Vanessa (Kelly Hu). When your boyfriend leaves, you call Vanessa. When you need someone to take over the family business, you call Vanessa -- and she'll never, ever say no. At 34, she's still her large and boisterous family's go-to girl, with a threadbare excuse of a life of her own. Suddenly, she runs into an old friend (Ivan Shaw), the almost perfect guy who just might be perfect for her. But, as those sparks fly, her family starts to go up in flames. Her high-maintenance fashion designer sister (Christina Chang) is on the brink; her surf bum brother (Edison Chen) has gone AWOL; and her over-analyzing, over-intellectual mother (Tina Chen) has barred her father (Roger Rees) from their home, sending him into his own mid-life crisis. They all need Vanessa, all the time, to fix all the problems. Trapped in the eye of the storm, Vanessa has to find her way back to love. In the process, she discovers that the only person she really has to save is -- herself!

Running Time
1 hr 45 min
Release Date
September 21, 2012

Movie Buzz

  • @barryjneely

    "A Few Good Men" is an almost perfect movie, except for the fact it was the 90s and they hadn't realized how bad keyboard synths can sound.

  • @SilverScreener

    DOCTOR ZHIVAGO a spellbinding, almost perfect movie. Supporting ensemble masterful-- Richardson, Chaplin, Steiger!

  • @KarstenHolberg

    Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is the second almost perfect movie I have seen this year.

  • @_mudbear

    You were almost perfect until you said, "My favorite movie is Pearl Harbor."

  • @kellyramme

    Beer & a movie! An almost perfect Friday night! (@ Dirty T's Cantina in Clarksville, TN)

  • @anustickler

    @SchmoesKnow can a score kill the vibe of a almost perfect movie, and ruin it's intentions for the feels it was going for? killing it guys!!

  • @jwadlington

    Has there ever been a movie that better represents its studio firing on all cylinders than Inside Out? It’s almost perfect.