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At Turkey?s oldest zoo, a lonely manager and a neglected female officer form an unlikely bond: as they hide the death of the zoo?s oldest inhabitant, an Anatolian leopard, in order to stop the privatization process and fake its escape, they set in motion an absurd charade that spins out of control. In Turkey?s grey and quiet capital, the ghost of the leopard persists.

  • 1 hr 53 minNR
  • Nov 4, 2022
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Ipek Turktan KaynakActor

  • Seyithan OzdemirActor

  • U?ur PolatActor

  • Nuri GokasanActor

  • Ege AydanActor

  • Emre KayisDirector

  • Olena YershovaProducer

  • Emre KayisWriter