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A man with the ability to enter peoples' memories takes on the case of a brilliant, troubled sixteen-year-old girl to determine whether she is a sociopath or a victim of trauma.

Release Date
June 6, 2014

Movie Buzz

  • @Anna_eerB

    Unfriended was a kind of a short movie but it wasn't so bad. It was an interesting concept.

  • @laurenslayton18

    Anna just told me the ending of the movie.....

  • @sougrier

    RT @Twilightish: ICYMI: The Movie Gods Have Answered Our Prayers! Zac Efron & Anna Kendrick In A Movie……

  • @crossbownjh

    What ever happened to Anna Todd getting her movie? 😂

  • @xHarryt91

    RT @biebsamiracle: After by Anna Todd needs to be a movie😭💜

  • @AwesomenessBot

    Anna and Elsa! Great cosplays. #MegaCon2015 #Cosplay #Awesomeness #Frozen #Anna #Elsa #Orlando — Frozen Movie (Fr…

  • @AlphaDelia

    Okay, I take that back. Anna Kendrick is the best actor in this movie. In every movie she's in, really. #eclipse