Any Given Sunday Rated R

Any Given Sunday R PT0M


Life is a contact sport and football is life when three-time academy award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone and a dynamic acting ensemble explore the fortunes of the Miami Sharks in Any Given Sunday. At the 50-year line of this gridiron cosmos is Al Pacino as Tony D'Amato, the embattled Sharks coach facing a full-on blitz of team strife plus a new, marketing-savvy sharks owner (Cameron Diaz) who's sure Tony is way too old school. An injured quarterback (Dennis Quaid), a flashy, bull-headed backup QB (Jamie Foxx), a slithery team doctor (James Woods) and a running back with an incentive-laden contract (LL Cool J) also provide some of the stories that zigzag like diagrams in a playbook. and throughout, there's the awesome spectacle of motion, sound and action orchestrated by Stone.

Oliver Stone
Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Jamie Foxx
Release Date
December 22, 1999

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    @Mooch1978 Watching HALO2016WorldChampionship, then Any Given Sunday movie, then Super Bowl all in Xbox One.

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    Any given Sunday came out 10 years too soon... If this movie dropped right now it would be an event

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    Any Given Sunday is on TV. Perfect movie the night before the Super Bowl. #gameofinches

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    Any Given Sunday is a great movie. 👌🏻🏈

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    Quotes from Any Given Sunday (1999)

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    I haven't seen a better Football Movie than "Any Given Sunday" Classsssic

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