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Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood returns as easygoing trucker and bare-knuckle brawler Philo Beddoe in this sequel to Any Which Way But Loose. This time Philo and his pet orangutan, Clyde, take on the Mafia after the mob kidnaps Philo's girlfriend. Based on characters created by Jeremy Joe Kronsberg.

  • 1 hr 56 minPG
  • Dec 19, 1980
  • Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Clint EastwoodActor

  • Geoffrey LewisActor

  • Sondra LockeActor

  • William ArrowsmithActor

  • Anne RamseyActor

  • Glen CampbellActor

  • Harry GuardinoActor

  • Logan RamseyActor

  • Ruth GordonActor

  • Buddy van HornDirector