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Tom Hanks stars as Commander James A. Lovell, Jr. in this historical drama centering on the ill-fated NASA mission whose trip to the moon in 1970 was interrupted by a deep space explosion in the command module. Following the explosion, 400,000 global outer space workers, including Mission Control flight director Gene Kranz (Ed Harris), worked diligently to figure out a way to save astronauts Lovell, John L. Swigart (Kevin Bacon) and Fred W. Haise (Bill Paxton) from such life-threatening dangers as freezing temperatures, poisoning by carbon monoxide, suffocation and incineration on re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. Of the story directed by Ron (BACKDRAFT) Howard for Imagine Entertainment: 'Explosive, into-outer-space scenes are counteracted by the infinitely personal drama inside the module, which is no bigger than the interior of a sports car.'

  • 2 hr 20 minPG
  • Jun 30, 1995
  • Adventure

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Cast & Crew

  • Bill PaxtonActor

  • Kevin BaconActor

  • Tom HanksActor

  • Tracy ReinerActor

  • Loren DeanActor

  • Marc McClureActor

  • Miko HughesActor

  • Brett CullenActor

  • David AndrewsActor

  • Clint HowardActor