From the acclaimed director of The Triumph comes a powerful new film that chronicles the incredible journey of 7 strangers who embark across the globe to investigate one of the greatest mysteries of the modern era. Apparition Hill is an emotionally charged “cinematic pilgrimage” to the little-known village of Medjugorje nestled along the Croatian-Bosnia-Herzegovina borders. Discover the shared miracle as two atheists, a skeptic, two terminally ill patients, a widower, and a recovering addict learn about life ... and what comes after it.

  • 1 hr 55 minNR
  • Documentary

Cast & Crew

  • Sean BloomfieldDirector

  • Cimela KidonakisDirector

  • Jessi HannapelProducer

  • Victor PapProducer

  • Ben WasiniakProducer

  • Royce HoodProducer

Cast & Crew photos provided by TMDb.

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