ARCHITECTS OF DENIAL is a first person look at genocide through the eyes of survivors and experts graphically illustrating the connection between the denial and the continuation of the horrific executions. Crimes against humanity by the once-mighty Ottoman Empire are indelibly recounted by Armenian survivors and relatives of those who perished. ARCHITECTS OF DENIAL traces the turbulent modern history of the Armenian people, from their decimation by the Ottoman Empire at the onset of World War I to the present, as they remain at loggerheads with Turkey and imperiled by its ally, Azerbaijan. Most ominous is a dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR), a neutral territory inhabited primarily by ethnic Armenians. Originally part of old Armenia, NKR was carved out during the Soviet era by Stalin and given to Azerbaijan. Today NKR has asserted its sovereignty through bloody post Soviet conflicts and claims its independence from both Azerbaijan and Armenia. Azerbaijan wants to reclaim its 'break-away' republic through military force, but its ethnic Armenian defenders are well armed and dug. Unfortunately, many observers believe, a hot war may once again be inevitable.

  • 1 hr 42 minNR
  • Documentary

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  • DEAN CAINProducer

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