Aurangzeb Rated NR

Aurangzeb NR PT140M


Gurgaon 2013 - A family of policemen, and a family of gangsters. To bring down a criminal, the law will have to think like a criminal! This summer, there will be only 1 Emperor. Directed by Atul Sabharwal and produced by Aditya Chopra, AURANGZEB stars Arjun Kapoor, in a double role, along with Prithviraj, in lead roles in this intriguing and gripping drama.

Running Time
2 hr 20 min
Release Date
May 17, 2013

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    ramtaxxx: Aurangzeb ( May 2013) #Bollywood #Movie

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    What about movie #Aurangzeb

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    @Chintskap Sir, when are u you planning to change the name of your movie 'Aurangzeb' to 'APJ Abdul Kalam'?

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    No matter how hard you try, you can't defend #Aurangzeb. Neither the man, nor the movie.

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    Since we r in the mood to #rename anything called #Aurangzeb r we also going to rename the #movie?what can we call it?#Nathuram #Narendar :P

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    RT @TarekFatah: And then there was the shameless Sharia-Bolshevik #AakerPatel defending the mass murderer #Aurangzeb.…

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    Well after this future kids only will remember that "Aurangzeb" was Arjun Kapoor's Flop movie @arjunk26