Back in the Day Rated NR

Back in the Day NR PT121M
Running Time
2 hr 1 min
Release Date
May 20, 2016

Movie Buzz

  • @Killurlemur

    RT @Harry_Radford: @alexbakerman @ChrisHewitt @Terri_White back "in the day" when a real good movie out the lines to see it would go around…

  • @themythbusters

    i just love movie trailers. i remember getting on apple trailer s back in the day like every few weeks and getting hyped af

  • @movietraileruk

    Watch Back in the Day Trailer #BackInTheDay -

  • @mcdimp

    Zenon was my favorite movie back in the day

  • @AustinPearcey

    @yeejeetso I wish the Doctor Who movie had been more successful in America and been picked up to series by Fox back in the day.

  • @mooks19

    @missDTM I loved this movie back in the day. Had the soundtrack too. And Jon Seda? #wepa

  • @Kaonixxx

    Bra I wish my house was like that smart house from that movie on Disney channel back in the day 😡😡😡👎🏽