BANJO, more than a story, is a journey. It is a journey in which someone crosses seven seas to meet her dreams. And some reach their hearts to meet themselves. Orchestrated by destiny, a DJ from US meets a Banjo Party from Mumbai. They take the leap, they fly, they rise, they stumble, they dust, they stand again. To orchestrate their destinies. It begins when a sound recorder Mikey sends a musical clip from Mumbai to Chris in New York. Following her passion and instinct, Chris comes to Mumbai to look for the band behind the musical clip. And obviously it isn't easy for her because one can find a needle in the haystack but not a particular a Banjo band from the unknown lanes of Mumbai. But one-day luck favor's her. She finds them. They manage to form a band. And just when they think the finish line is a just a lap away, comes an unexpected turn in their life. And takes them through the most bumpy ride of their lives. This ride takes them away from their dreams, so much so that the return seems impossible. They seem lost. But legends have said, where there is will there is a way. So will they find their dreams? Or will their dreams help them find themselves again?

  • Drama

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    RAVI JADHAVDirector

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