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'Stone' Shi Zhenbang (played by Zhang Yi) and Yang Wu (played by Pan Binlong), two down-and-out brothers who run a hardware store while struggling to survive and recover the debt, take care from time to time, of the daughter Qianqian, the debtor Manli. In their relationship with Qianqian, their initial dislike and feeling of burden slowly melted to that of doing everything they can to fight for their daughter.

  • 2 hr 11 minNR
  • Nov 17, 2023
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Binlong PanActor

  • Yi Zhang (i)Actor

  • Yiran ZhouActor

  • Xi ChengActor

  • Xiaoxu YuanActor

  • Dapeng ZhangDirector

  • Yan Lu (i)Producer

  • Lu LIProducer

  • Mengchu ZhangWriter

  • Jianu HanWriter